MAAT holding



MAAT as a comprehensive marketing and communications holding, with methods like using knowledge, experience and creative power, comprehend the new scientific methods, new strategies and also using modern technologies, have caused to develop and keep long term relations based on win to win strategy over their clients. Investment, implement and use of adequate communication tools gives us this authority to transfer efficiently the brand to target customers and develop value for its clients. In the glance, MAAT is presenting a comprehensive solution to respond to internal and external needs of clients in marketing and communication district. MAAT holding is intended to excel the marketing and communication industry of Iran in a wild range interim to make effective bilateral relations with reliable companies and world markets by performing successful and effective development and expansion policies, intelligent using of market opportunities, giving the most qualified services to clients and keeping pace with the last changes of world technology, communication and marketing. Furthermore, we are attempting to stabilize our place between top three reliable marketing and Middle East communication companies until 2026.

In recent years, MAAT has performed an important impression in marketing and communication industry and has done effective actions with the aim of promoting economic indicators of the industry in Iran.

As a result of a decade, the establishment of marketing and advertising agency is MAAT and three other companies that are already operating. HOODAD in the field of digital marketing and IT-oriented technologies, MATEL in the field of communication in the context of smart phones and ARMANI work in advertising media in the areas of domestic world. In 2013 the board of directors and director with a view to increase the number of activities, services and multiple customers, with the aim of integrating and decided to align the activities of  all subsets of MAAT and investment on large projects as well as marketing and communication, to create MAAT holding. Now the MAAT holding is progressing swiftly.

MAAT holding values

  • Entrepreneurship and contribute to the development of national economy
  • Identify opportunities and invest in new ideas
  • Knowledge-oriented and utilize modern technologies
  • Consider to social and environmental responsibilities
  • Education, implement the talents and empower capital resources