Development of digital technologies and the importance of interactive media has led to consider solutions which are based on digital communication as an important and adequate platform for progressing businesses. MAAT holding intends to implement marketing and communication industry of Iran in a world-class by performing efficient and successful development policies, intelligently use of market opportunities, representing high-quality services to customers and keep up with last swift changes in the technological world, communication and marketing, in addition to making bilateral relations with valid companies and world markets. So, for providing a specialized environment in the digital media district, information technology and mobile-base solutions, since the beginning of 2014, the creative team and professional IT department MAAT came together in a friendly atmosphere with Hoodad technology pioneers to represent best services to its customers.
Hoodad in the development of local talents has provided an entrepreneurial platform supporting business startup and young entrepreneurs.
Hoodad with emphasis on creating, presenting and implementing new ideas, human capital development, business excellence, ethics and also based on many years of experience and valuable expert knowledge of its managers and employees in media, advertising, communication, cyberspace and technologies related to mobile phones, thinks to makeup products, services and ways to bring a reasonable quality of technological human life and also make a pleasant experience for its contacts.
Hoodad keep going with international markets synchronized with detailed market analysis, identification and exploitation of current opportunities in the field of digital media and information technology and to enable the internal market. It also creates value for domestics, international customers and partners so as to be one of the rivals of the region and the world.


Hoodad with research and development and also venture investments, establishes high-added value businesses in the areas of digital media, information technology and mobile base solutions with the approach of entrepreneurship and support of new businesses. Hoodad in emphasize on ethics, innovation, human capital development and linking the media and tools of digital life, progress products, services and solutions in virtual platform. With turning it on to the internal and international markets, creates value for customers and its business partners.


From our perspective, Hoodad is among the top ten companies in the field of electronic business and digital and mobile media in the region, which could develop product and services in the virtual platform with entrepreneurship approach and support from new startups and relying on specialized manpower. These statements had helped to grow the quality of intelligence, human life and has created value for customers and business partners.

Districts of activity

Software development (websites, useful web programs, API, …)
IT infrastructure design and maintenance (application server, VOIP, …)
Mobile application development (android, IOS, …)
Platform development (IVR,USSD, VAS, SDP, …)
Implement online payment systems
Design and implementation of digital marketing campaign
Support startups

Hoodad values

Ethics and legality

Hoodad with regard to rules and great documents and putting ethic origins in priority, in the definition of process and decision-making, has legality and ethics within the institute

Human capital development

Hoodad by identifying talents and enabling his employees, will help them to get the maximum capabilities to perform the main role in business excellence

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Hoodad with precise identifying of market, clients and commercial skills in networking, commercialize innovative ideas in the shortest time, rely on valuable experiences of their manage

Support of business startup

The main concern of Hoodad is to explode local talents and exploit from the professions of internal human resources. Hoodad supports from young entrepreneurs and business startups with research and development, investment and managerial and financial support

Improve the quality of intelligent life

Hoodad by using a creative team and their professional experiences, presents products, services and solutions to its contacts to proceed the quality of their intelligent life


Hoodad with the purpose of constant process improvement and tools of organization, move forward to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their activities and services

Technology-based approach

Hoodad constantly improve and develop important abilities by using modern technologies through research and development

Making an experience

Our team with precise and scientific studies on current products in the market and by identifying necessities of the community, turn the use of Hoodad products and services into a pleasant experience for its contacts

Keeping pace with global markets

Hoodad by using specialists in research and development, adapt to updated innovations and managerial approaches in global markets to have a unique activity in media and information technology district and solutions based on mobile phone