Hoodad Tech

Hoodad with research and development and also venture investments, establishes high-added value businesses in the areas of digital media, information technology and mobile base solutions with the approach of entrepreneurship and support of new businesses. Hoodad progress products, services and solutions in virtual platform to emphasize on ethics, innovation, human capital development and linking the media and tools of digital life and finally with turning it on to internal and international markets, creates value for customers and its business partners.

Products and Services


It presents some application solutions. It has an appropriate platform for selecting and using android and IOS platforms.


Have fun with listening to online music stream.


It is a new solution for transferring short messages and categorize them on android phones

Mobile Development

We provide solutions based on mobile applications for our customers.

ICT solutions

We help our customers to create more high-added value for their customers by using the ICT platform.

Digital marketing

We help our customers to deliver the best efficiency with the best tools of digital marketing campaigns of their own.